Large Hand Made Leather Bags

Hand Made Leather Satchells

Isobel's fairy satchell - it even matches her Docs !

Large school satchell bag.

Fits a4.

Inside is pink like the inside of the long shoulder strap.


You choose the colour or colours. This one is blue & turquoise.

£85 to order 

Munchie's green version

Ceinwen's red one

Sylvia's in browns


Patsy's Bag - A large shoulder bag large enough for A4 documents, approx 14" x 9"  with a 5" gusset. This version has one swing fastener. Could be two, could be buckles, could have a carving,  you decide.

Price from £80

Large Hand Made Leather Bags - Square

Large square bag, approx 12"  square with a 3" or 5" gusset.

Price from £80

Leather Hand Made SADDLE BAGS

This size of saddle bag is £80 to order. Colour of your choice.


                          Ceinwen's bag