We are Leather ware specialists based in North Wales, UK


All the items shown here are ALL made to order and each piece is totally UNIQUE. We like to pride ourselves on the fact that we are a little different. 


Each piece is HAND MADE - that means no machines!


& we love colour!


Commissions undertaken for re-enactors of any period, for larpists, for anyone!      


Our hand-made leather items can be personalised with initials, a name, a carving and hand dyed in a range or mix of colours.


Re-enactors - we are medieval re-enactors ourselves therefore specialise in that period however work from any period can be undertaken


If you would like a hand made leather bag, belt, armguard or dog collar made just ask. If it can be hand made in leather & you can send us a picture then we can probably make it!


We regularly attend re-enactment fairs & events, both at our re-enactment group's castle base & further afield, craft fairs & we are always here online

Please see our Events page

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