Small Hand Made Leather Bags

Use your imagination! Choose the colour you want - inside & out, the fastening you want, the strap fastening you want. Everything is upto you!

All have long shoulder straps to enable them to be worn across the shoulder

Embossed front £40

Applied decoration £40

With a carved design, from £45

Hand marbled leather from £45

Plain small, from £30

Hair on small curved bag

Small square bag with a 4 round braid in 2 colours along opening edge

All these small chunky bags (approx 6" x 6") can be made with a narrow or wide gusset - the tan horse carved bag has the wider gusset


Use your imagination to choose the colour, fastening, carving - remember each panel of the big does not need to be the same colpour as the one next to it, even the inside can be a different colour - see the medium curved magic plait belt

Hand coloured & painted fairy bag - from £45