Knive Sheaths, Sword Scabbards

All knife sheaths, sword scabbards hand made to order from a template of your blade or , using the actual blade itself.

All can be customised - choose your colour, decide on any carving you'd like, with or without belt loops. 

Josh's knife sheath

Fastens with a stud, Carved name


Tina's baby - scabbard with celtic snake & dagger ring

Tony's Bowie knife sheath

Carved with part of the Taylor coat of arms

Saddle stitched then x stitched

Jes' sheath for a short handle heavy blade

Chris, the Blue Knight's, scabbard - soft leather sewn onto a wooden scabbard  

Scabbard & frog made to measure for Vernon, the groom's, wedding day  

Two scabbards made for Apra's blades

Plain knife sheaths

sword frogs