Belt Bags


you can have a sam brown fastening or a buckle if you wish,


the belt loops can be flat across the back of the pouch rather than hanging loops,


the front can be shaped for example as in the green bag below,


the bag can be hand carved - price depending on complexity,as several below are


you can have any colour you wish



Civil war style belt pouch. Sam browne fastening at the back makes it a safe bag to wear.

Ideal for modern travellers, back packers, stall holders !

Can be carved, dyed as you wish, alternatived belt loops can be chosen

Price from £50

Hand made Belt pouch, veg tanned bacxk & cover flap, main body is suede. drawstring fastening under the flap. Suede pouch is large size - hard to see on the pics!  but the zig zag stitch is a horizontal seam with the base piece folded under it in these pics. It will comfortably hold phone, keys, money - all those non-period essentials!

Flap can be carved, choice of suede colours & veg tan can be whatever colour you wish

Price from £45

These two have  a 'hair on' front - check availabilty of hair-on hide

Choose your colour for the leather, sam browne or buckle fastening if you wish


prices vary from £35 to £60

This one, £45 any colour

With 'hair on' front £50

this size, any colour £25