Dog Collars

All dog collars hand made by ourselves to your specification - size, type of leather, colour, carving.


See the other types of collars for other ideas, even the other areas of our website for different colour ideas

The original semi - choke collar that the owner wanted to replace, in a very sorry state!

The finished collar, lined to make it soft. Length adjustable, semi choke collar - end will only slide as far as the midway metal loop   This one is small terrier size

Same style, rough collie size. These colours are blue & pearlised turquoise

Spaniel, sam style with painted on hare - this has withstood many dunkings !!

Straight dog collars, handmade,  any size - length, width, colour from chihuahua to great dane . Can be carved.


Collars can be re-enforced with layers of leather if you dog likes to chew!


Our leather is lovely & supple & won't rub

Please see lurcher/greyhound section for more colour ideas